Confused Weather

It is November, folks.

November is about sweaters, and shawls, and blankets, and hats, and socks.

November is about mug-fuls of tea, and coffee, and hot chocolate.

This November is not sweet, it’s confused, and confusing.

The temperature started to drop a bit since first week of October. It sort of remained constant for first 19 days. Over the weekend, the temperature increased again. My light blanket felt warmer than usual. People around looked sweaty. Sleeping without fan became difficult.

I don’t sleep anyway, so I was in my usual routine;

Try to sleep


Read s'more

Try to sleep


Write something

Try to sleep

And then it rained.

It was a little after mid-night. Initially I thought its some noise coming from the next-door water pumping station. The rain became heavier and noisier. It added a rhythm to otherwise quiet winter night. There is something about the rain that makes me nostalgic. I can pin point what it reminds me off. I just get nostalgic, and emotional, and relaxed.

Thanks to the unexpected rain, I finally slept, peacefully.


The morning came with a bright sun and muddy streets and a lot more traffic than usual.

This afternoon, it rained again. The temperature now is 30 degrees celsius, and weather is what weatherman call “A passing afternoon shower”.

The weather is confused, and confusing.

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