COVID-19 Diaries | National Lockdown | Day #3

Working from home is more tiring than going to office. I feel that the 35 minutes ride to office gave me time to boot, to warm up for the day ahead. Similarly, the ride back home was a nice way to wind down, even though fellow bus travellers tested my patience.

I struggled to sleep, third day in a row and all the while there was only one thought in my head – should I take the day off? Should I login for half a day? Should I be resilient any work a full day?

My logical side insisted:  You could relax all I want over the weekend. It is just one more day and you had Wednesday off.

As clock ticked and hours passed, I knew I would only torture myself if I try to get up early in the morning and login for WFH.


I have not cleared my mind, not yet. If anything, there are more worries added to my already-stressed mind.

I am not cut for WFH.

Shabana Mukhtar