COVID-19 Diaries | National Lockdown | Day #8

Even in the confines of my home, I am scared of COVID-19, and that it could affect me – indirectly, if not directly.

And, it did.

Today (April 1, 2020), there was Annual Hike and Bonus announcement. And, as I had anticipated already, there is no hike. We still get bonus, some bonus, but no increment.

One would think it was an April day prank, nah! The curcumstances don’t allow for pranks, except the ones engineered for WhatsApp forwards.

Whether it was pre-decided or COVID-19 has affected the decision, I would never know. But, on its face value, the pandemic has caused the cancellation of yearly hikes.

Hey, as long as the world does not end due to this virus; I am okay to work on the same renumeration. Life is more valuable.

Shabana Mukhtar