Drama Review | Mehram


Mehram is 2014 Pakistani Drama that is literally based on its title – Mehram.

Cast and Characters

Ayesha Khan as Iqra

The protagonist

Moammar Rana as Zubair Ahmed

Iqra’s first husband

Zahid Ahmad as Hamza 

Iqra’s devar and then husband. He lies to make people happy. Go figure!

Plot Summary

Iqra is seen reciting and writing poetry. Not just any poetry, utterly romantic poetry. I don’t much like ishqiya shayeri so that was a huge turn off.

Zubair sees Iqra the first time when she is devastated and desperate to get some medical help for her father. She wears naqab, but the wind coveniently blows away her veil, leaving her face to be ogled by Zubair. 

Her father finds out her poetry and for some reason blames it on Zubair. There is a lot of melodrama.

  1. Hamza weaves some lies to break Zubair’s existing engagement.
  2. Iqra’s father suspects that Iqra also likes Zubair.
  3. Zubair’s mother does not want Iqra as bahu.

When Zubair is leaving for the airport, the cab runs into Iqra, again. She’s looking for a cab to bring her father to hosipital. So, Zubair cancels his plans and accompanies her to the hospital.

Maulvi sahab suspects Iqra again when he sees Zubair and Iqra talking to each other in the hospital. Kaise abba hain yeh? It is people like him who portray Muslims as extremists.

But, he agrees when Zubair’s mother talks to him. So, Iqra and Zubair are married.

Even though Iqra did purdah in the past; she mingles well with Hamza. Hamza likes spending time with Iqra, even gets her a make-over.

There is another twist added as Iqra might be pregnant but Zubair says: Main baap kaise ban sakta hoon. Hum ne waqt hi kitna guzara hai?

Rishtey wali Farhat aunty plays a pivotal role. She first works to find a match for Zubair, then for Hamza, and then as a sympathetic companion for Iqra; eventually living with her in-house helper and confidante.

Zubair’s mother also dies. Then, Zubair dies. Now, Iqra and Hamza live in that house and society starts to question them. Because, society does not have any other work apart from objecting on other’s life.

The whole Mehram logic literally plays here and Iqra and Hamza are forced to marry each other. Iqra, however, knows that Hamza loves his friend Maya.

She disappears, giving him freedome & permission to marry Maya. A part of her isn’t happy. After a time leap, we see Hamza with his wife and daughter, and he is surprised to see a book penned by Iqra Hamza.

Yes, she is still carrying her name.

Yes, he still has a soft spot for her and feels guilty for abandoning her.

The series ends as Iqra announces the title of her next book – Tumhare Baad. Love the title.


Zahid Ahmed was the reason I watched this. I was totally amazed by his performance (and looks) in Besharam.

I was disappointed by this one. He was shown clean-shaven to show him young and he looked like a chomu in that avatar. And, he was loud and melodramatic. His character was 

I mean, we all have watched and read similar stories before.

This drama was predictable, mediocre and annoying at times. 

Until next review, allah hafiz!

Shabana Mukhtar