COVID-19 Diaries| Pune IT Employees WFH

I had to work from home today and just finished my 8 hours shift.

It is so annoying. I don’t like working on laptop – coding on a laptop is difficult and testing is near impossible. The laptop resolution, the slow speed of remote connection, the irritating scrolling; it is quite a task.

Many COVID-19 positive cases have been reported yesterday, forcing advisory to take extreme measures. Our center head has decided to go on 100% WFH and people will leave for the day. 

Say what?

The one day I worked from home, everyone got WFH.

Now, with all these posts about WFH, you must be wondering why I am so obsessed with it, even though I clearly struggle when on WFH.  There is a story. Soon, my dear readers, soon. I will post about it.

Pune is effectively on WFH now, until March 31, 2020. 

Shabana Mukhtar