Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 9 | 125 Ka Pahada

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So, after the very emotional scene between Mahjabeen and Abdullah, we see a cute moment where both bawle try to be a better version of themselves.

And, that is followed by a hilarious scene where Mahjabeen asks him if he’s good at studies. Yumna is so good, so very good. Abdullah needs Google for understanding pahada.

The swag after finishing table of 125, uff. Maa Sadqay.

For Mahjabeen, he is already a hero, a masterpiece, a miracle. She even mutters the same in her sleep.

Then we see Seema and Munshi; Seema still too excited for the sudden change of events, Munshi still a bit of apprehensive about Mahjabeen’s future.

I sometimes empathize with Sarwar. I mean he is shrewd but the man did what he did only for money. It doesn’t make him a saint but… Just saying.

Sarwar comes home, still too cold towards Mansoora.

Munshi and Seema bring nashta for Mahjabeen. Sarwar insults Munshi, and Munshi listens to him with his usual calm. But the man still doesn’t know about the storm that has hit him.

Sharmeen and Washma also join the newly weds. The family is very kind.

Oh, by the way, Abdullah isn’t always tame. He can be quite aggressive with Washma.

I hope Washma tells Mahjabeen that she should stop talking about Dr Hammad.

The one good thing that happens in the entire episode is Mahjabeen’s words: accha hua doctor se shadi nahi huyi.

Mahjabeen still stuck up on her jahez’s stuff. The episode ends as Mahjabeen, Seema, Munshi and Abdullah go for recovery.

Was it short or did I just want more? Another week of wait.

Stay tuned to TOMU – The Other Me Unfolded.

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