COVID-19 Diaries| WFH Readiness

Many members of my team are in self-quarantine more for past few days. People are more scared that I thought they were.

The demand for WFH has increased, enough for the higher management to take notice.

We filled an online survey today.

  • Do you have a company provided laptop?
  • Do you have personal laptop?
  • Do you have a broadband connection at home?
  • Home Broadband Service provider
  • Home Broadband connection type
  • Home Broadband connection speed in Mbps
  • Home Computer operating system

Pretty extensive, huh?

For next two days, all the employees of one deparment will do a trial run of WFH. If the infra team feels that VPN can handle that load, more people will be given WFH.

I have a simple question.

Mera number kab aayega?

Will my manager be comfortable in letting me work from home? 

Do you think WFH can effectively keep us safe from this novel virus?

Shabana Mukhtar