Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 12

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This is roughly 54-59 of Urdu dubbed Emergency Pyar.


(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 54)

Hassan’s unannounced appearance makes Nisan late for her date with Sinan. Hassan orders the fake couple to get ready for marriage. He even offers to open a new hospital so Nisan can also pursue her medical career.

When she says no, and Hassan threatens to kill Abidin. Nisan had no option but to play along.

Sinan is upset, obviously. He comes to meet Nisan, yells at her and leaves. Rightfully so, but this one time, Nisan was not at fault. I felt for the girl. Her lies have now started to become a nuisance in her real life.

Nisan calls Ayla and tells her the whole truth. It bothers Ayla as now she cannot tell Sinan about Berzan.

The next morning Abidin tries to pamper Nisan. He blabbers as usual and an enraged Nisan she slaps him. He tells her to straighten her hair so her anger would come down. Funny, that.

Ayla tells her that Sinan had not returned the previous night. Although, she still has hopes that things would work between Nisan and her brother. Ah, the optimism.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 55)

Hikmat, Murat’s friend meets him at the hospital and offers him to head a new hospital. Wow, big deal, huh? Is it the same hospital that Hassan has promised for Nisan? Just asking.

Anyway, so Murat forgives Ali for being late and sends both the interns to assit Ayla and Berzan.

Sinan isn’t talking to Nisan, despite her usual annoying ways to please him. But, they have to work together. Their patient today is an allergic patient who eats strawberries to impress his ex girlfriend. Why does Nisan always get patients with love-stories? So, she can meddle with them? I mean, it is getting repetitive and boring.

The creep who follows Sadiya is at the park where Sadiya is playing with Noor.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 56)

Malik worried about Yildiz who has not done any freak show for the day.

Four athletes arrive at the hospital, two of them (Pari and Marwi) have bumped heads and now have headache. All four of them flirt with Sinan. He is ignoring Nisan. When Ipek and Ali join them, he orders them around as well.

Berzan asks Ayla to tell Sinan about their relationship but Sinan isn’t willing to listen to her.

Abidin brings a full platter of kebabs for Nisan. Eats a lot by himself. After annoying Nisan he comes to room number 6 with the platter. And, he flirts with the athletes, because why wouldn’t he?

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 57)

Abidin is flirting with another girl, thereby inviting two troubles at once. Sinan beats the shit out of him and Hassan’s man Mehmut also sees Abidin. He dutifully informs Hassan about the same. If Abidin thinks Sinan has been unfair to him, he should wait until Hassan sees him.

The freaky patient Khan pretends to be a doctor and orders around Ipek and Ali to help him shoot a suicide video just so his girlfriend Zoya would be impressed. Thanks to Nisan’s meddling nature, he is saved. This the first and the only time her nature has fixed a problem… Wait, there were other times, too. That’s what she does, right? Meddle into patient’s lives more than fixing them medically. Either way, people are happy.

Berzan and Ayla are out on a date, again – Rose restaurant. And, Sinan still doesn’t know. What is he doing? He is helping Nisan fix the power failure in her apartment.

After it is fixed, he asks her to go out for dinner – Rose restaurant.

Woah, so this is how he will find out.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 58)

Abidin is out on a date with one of the athletes.

It is the same restaurant – Rose restaurant.

The moment Mehmut and Ehsaan join Abidin at the restaurant, Abidin takes a 360 degrees turn and rambles on, hoping it would work on them. Nah. Mehmut is too keen on beating Abidin. Since Hassan doesn’t allow him to even touch him, he asks the girl to punch Abidin instead. Hilarious!

So, the couple of couples run into each other at the restaurant. Surprisingly, Sinan doesn’t overact.

After the dinner, she shares her childhood memory of ice-skating. Sinan, the ever so gentleman takes her for ice-skating.

Murat talks to Sadiya about the opportunity and he wants Sadiya to be with them. But she refuses.
So, he gets down on one knee. She asks for some time, leaves and gets abducted. Dayum!

Ipek and Ali are stuck with the freak show Khan who is going crazy about Zoha. Things to out of hand as he tries to pump himself with the blood pressure apparatus. This time, Sumaiya charms him. Why is he left with the rookies?

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 59)

Melik is quite worried about Yildiz. That’s surprising, right?
Yildiz does come and they go on for a nice dinner. And, while coming back, she is hit by a car. Poor girl!

Ali and Ipek tie up Khan just to keep him safe. As usual, they fight for who will tie him. So, Khan suggests that one of them can tie his hand and the other one can tie his legs. *Facepalm* he is so submissive for a patient, no?

He then sends them off to cafeteria and escapes.

Nisan and Sinan are enjoying their oh-so-romantic date in a skating rink. He is about to kiss her, for the millionth time and is interrupted for a millionth time, too.


Khan reaches the top of the hospital and threatens to jump. Nisan convinces him to stop but she herself falls.

She won’t die, of course but it scares us, right?

Shabana Mukhtar