Drama Review: Mohini Mansion Ki Cinderella (Episode 1)

It is directed by Ali Tahir and written by Fasih Bari Khan. It was aired on Bol Entertainment.

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Fasih Bari Khan is famous for Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewa. I like dark comedy once in a while. I could not watch Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewa completely, but this one looked more contemporary.

Let’s look at the characters, roughly in the order they are introduced

Uzair – supposedly the narrator of the story. I like the opening scene which has a lot of movements but only a few words. That’s refreshing. I like quite dramas and movies.

Mukhtaran – the landlord of Mohini Mansion who boasts to be very strong physically.

Chacha Radio – The antique store owner

Miyan – the musician in the streets.

Shabana Jharna – an obsessed fan of yesteryear actor Shabnam. The character is played by Shabnam herself, which supposedly created some irony. I don’t like it much.

Shamama – Jharna’s daughter. She shares her mother’s passion for acting. She does small roles in plays to earn enough to run the house.

Pappu Chocolaty – Jharna’s son, crazy about acting

Phupo –

Billi – Elder self obsessed daughter

Kaali – Younger self-concious daughter

Laatu – Phupo’s son

The actresses to play Kaali and Billi look sisters. Kudos to the casting team. Uzuar looks handsome in present and lallu in Mohini Mansion. I like his soft voice and polite tone, though. 

Shabnam singing praises for Shabnam is stretched, even in the first episode. I wonder how irritating it would get if it continues in future episodes as well.

What do you think about this episode?

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