Song obsession: Sway (Michael Buble)

Song Details

Song: Sway

Singers: Michael Buble


This one is my favourite even before I knew the name of the song.

The first time I heard it was in the opening act of Hum Awards, if I remember correctly.

Then again, Ayesha Omar performed on her cover for the song at Hum Style Awards 2018. I was watching the show on YouTube on Monday and that’s when the lyrics and the tune started to haunt me.

I spent a good part of the Tuesday morning searching for the song. All I knew were broken pieces of lyrics – the audio video quality was not very good.

But, I found it – Michael Buble, who else?

Well, I did not even know who Michael Buble is. I mean, I have heard and read his name being referred but it the first time I heard him.

What a voice he has! I guess it is not just the vocals. The music arrangements compliment the voice just the right amount. It is the lyrics, however, that blows my mind. All in all, the song has stuck with me. So much so, that I go to bed with the song and get up in the morning with ‘Sway me more’.

I know, getting crazy a little.

A lovely song. Does anybody else love it the way I do?



Have you watched / listened to this? What’s your go-to melody song?


Shabana Mukhtar