Drama Review: Suno Chanda Season 2 – Episode 11


This episode focuses on one emotion – jealousy.

And one characteristics – stupidity.

Arsal and Jia are going to get the documents photocopied when Shahana asks Jia to stay back. On the way out, DJ tells Arsal that Meena is going back and Kinza is upset. Arsal, being the nice person that he is, takes it upon himself to convince Meena to stay. But what about the documents? Worry not, as he has Meetho to take care of it.

Arsal successfully sweet-talks Meena to stay, Sherry and DJ also come to his aide.

Then the most expected event happens – Meetho forgets the file in the auto rickshaw. All hell breaks loose as Jia starts another Arsal bashing episode. To make things worse, DJ tells her that Arsal is being too friendly with Meena. That makes Jia jealous and angrier.

How stupid of Arsal to give the file to Meetho?

How stupid of Meetho to forget the file? Although we can give benefit of doubt here.

How stupid of Jia to fight with Arsal? I mean she should have tried to locate the file somehow, like Arsal does later on.

Nageena and Pari continue to bicker and Jalal continues to flirt with Pari.

Well, it is a sitcom and supposed to be a feel-good, therefore the rickshaw wala brings back the file. Jia is back to her sweet self, except the jealousy factor, which will surely continue.


Best Moment Of the Episode

There is a tie.

1: Meetho to Meena, “Ab aap ne ek baar aur mujhe ladki banaya na to main dahaRein maar maar ka rounga.”



Arsal to Jia, “Dusron ko bhi insaan hone ka margin diya karo.”

Very well said, Arsal.


Happy watching! 

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