Drama Review: Suno Chanda Season 2 – Episode 12


This episode starts with the fight between Billo and Pari. Pari has intentionally burned Joji’s kurta using iron and Billo is upset about it.

Shahana settles the score between Pari and Joji in her trademark style.

There are two teams again. Team Pari has the ‘conference’ going on in Naeema’s room with Shahana, Nazakat, Jamshed and Jalal. Team Joji has the conference going on in the living room with Naeema, Billo, Nageena, Joji, Masooma.

Meetho has got a dress for Meena similar to Jia’s and Jia is upset, of course, but overacted a bit, as usual. I mean, similar dress hone par chakkar kisko aata hai?

DJ has another reason to blackmail. This time it is Agha Ji, who has brought gajre for Bi Jaan. Awnn, so cute!

Kinza’s dress for her Rukhsati is to die for. The colour, the design, just OMG!

The first season also had some sponsors’ stuff stuffed in, but this season, it is getting rather annoying. Every episode has at least one sponsor scene. It is forced, so un-classy, so cheesy.

Notable Performer

Joji gives the notable performance as he speaks incorrect English so confidently and fights with Pari so shamelessly.

Exhibit A: How can she did?

Exhibit B: Kanjoos, mosquito choose.

Best Moment Of the Episode

1. Bi Jaan: “Lo ji, pehli hi iss ghar mein zan-mureed kam thhe jo ek aur ka izafa ho gaya.”

Joji: “Bado ke rashk-e-qamar par chal kar hi to banda seekhta hai.”


2. Pari to Agha Ji, “Aap to Bi Jaan ko aise dekh rahe thhe jaise koi sawab ka kaam ho raha hai.”


Happy watching! 

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