Drama Review: Suno Chanda Season 2 – Episode 2

After the hugely popular first season of Suno Chanda last year, the makers had announced a follow-up series already. Come Ramadan and we get the see the cute romantic couple and the delightful family again. The first episode of Suno Chanda 2 aired yesterday.

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I saw the OST today. There is one portion where Arsal asks if Jia would remember her when she is gone. That was a hint that things will not be fluffy and happy for the couple.

More fun is on its way as Peeno arrives with Meetho, losing three valuables on the way. Meetho is quite a character and he perfectly demonstrates himself as a mama’s boy everytime he meets a new person from the family.

Peeno is brutal with her words. She has no filter whatsoever.

Exhibit A: To Nazakat, “Shakal se to mirgi ka mareez lagta hai. Naeema, khayal shayal nahin rakhti?”

Exhibit B: To Arsal, “Tere maa piyu kidhar hain. Mirgi ka daura to nahin pad gaya mere aane ka sun kar?”

Exhibit C: To Jia, “Bi Jaan abhi tak zinda hain? Maine to socha thha ki kahin age nikal gayi hain.

Exhibit D: To Agha Jaan, “Kahin aap ne koi nikaah shikaah to nahin khadka liya unn ke sath. Bada judd ke khade huye thhe.”

Bi jaan is visibly upset with her and leaves the room without talking to her.

The quarrel between the lead couple begins as Arsal comes to know about Jia’s plans for Lonson. While I understand that a girl can be ambitious and head-strong, I think Jia went too far by saying that the relation can be ended as well. I mean, they have been married only for a few hours. Arsal echoes my sentiments, trying to pursuade her, even complaining to Bi Jaan.

Later, they are still seen romancing. I don’t mind that. I am still stuck on Jia’s strong reaction. We know that topic will continue to be the conflict in the series, amidst other romance of other couples and and rib-tickling humour.

Poor DJ gets scolded from everybody. Joji’s forced laughter adds to the comedy.

Kinza, Sherry and Masooma appear in this episode briefly. Sherry looks more handsome than before. I am surprised to see that except Naeema, all other characters have kept their appearances intact. Although, Farhan seems to have lost some weight.

Notable Performer

I have seen Arjumand Rahim in the past speaking flawless Urdu but she is perfect as Peeno as well.

Shahana was the highlight of the episode. Her nawa katta every now and again is so hilarious. In this episode she coins a new term ‘katton ka head master‘. Nazakat was also good. Farhan does a good punjabi accent, too.

Happy watching! 


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