Drama Review: Suno Chanda Season 2 – Episode 20


The episode begins with Meetho trying to win over Maina’s heart as he promises to buy her a new phone. Jalal Khan walks in and says in as many words that he doesn’t like Meetho hanging out with Maina.

Pari, on the other hand has extracted a total of 65000 rupees from Agha Ji, Jamshed, Nazakat and Jia pretending to be in dire need of money. It is only Shahana who asks a few question before giving her money. Pari lies to Arsal and Arsals gives her twenty thousand rupees. Isn’t he generous?

Meetho is not as innocent as he seems. He lies through his teeth with Arsal, then Maina, and then Jia. But, his intentions seem nice.

Jalal finds out about Meetho and Maina as he boasts about their love. Jalal insists on sending Maina to hostel but she doesn’t want to go and makes excuses.

On the property front, Bi Jaan has allowed Jalal to go to the factory. Shahana tries to encourage Jamshed and Nazakat to protest about the same, as well as the property katta.

What did you guys think of this episode?

Happy watching!