Drama Review: Suno Chanda Season 2 – Episode 22


The episode begins with Maina and Meetho continue their talk and Pari overhears their conversation. Shahana drops the bomb that Pari’s real intentions are to get Meetho married to Maina.

Meetho and Maina continue to eat the lunch that Jia sends for Arsal. I wonder when they are going to be caught.

Arsal has planned to make Jia jealous and quite successful at that. Jia complains to Bi Jaan and Shahana and Arsal bursts that it is her who doesn’t care, and that he is not eating breakfast or lunch for a week.

Yep, nawa katta khulne ki baari aa gayi hai.

The property shit is getting uglier by the day. I expect 7-8 more episodes, as the last season finale aired on Eid. I have hopes that the series can redeem its charm and romance

Best Line

Nazakat: “Bhai, aap aaj bhi doctor ke paas nahin gaye. Main deta hoon aap ko dawayi.”

Shahana: “Rehn dein Nazakat bhai. Myun mujhe bewa karne par tulay huye ho?”



What did you guys think of this episode?

Happy watching!