Drama Review: Suno Chanda Season 2 – Episode 26


Argh… The episode is fast and furious. Huma tells Jia about her admission in University, Jia gets admission as well, they classes begin and Arsal goes to pick her up. Jia creates a scene and Arsal gets arrested.

Fast, yes? And ugly, too. What Jia has done is unfair. Strangely, everybody seems to be concerned about missing Arsal, that might have been because he has taken Nazakat’s newly bought second hand car. As there are only 4-5 episodes left, I guess the tables will turn and soon Jia will gave the wrath of the family.

The other track was Maina and Meetho’s “setting”. Now, Maina’s daarji also known about them. Interesting! Some progress, finally.


What did you guys think of this episode?

Happy watching! 

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