Drama Review: Suno Chanda Season 2 – Episode 3

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For characters and review of season 1, please read here.

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DJ is in his form and he has a new target for his mischiefs. Guess who? Meetho.

Meetho is not just a mama’s boy. He is a simpleton and naive. It is his naivete that is funny and adoring and gets him in more trouble. He gets a good beating from his mother for almost burning down Jalal’s room while readying the chillam, which was DJ’s idea, by the way. Something  good came out of it, as Bi Jaan finally conceded and allowed Parveen to stay.

The banter-then-romance cycle continues between Arsal and Jia. Arsal is so cute. Jia is loud.

Nazakat is worried sick, as usual, that Naeema would find out about his involvement with Pari in the past. Shahana and her rambles continue to amuse us.

Jalal openly flirts with Pari and Pari does not shy away from retorting. Billo, Kinza and Sherry appear in one scene each.

Notable Performer

As the number of characters are growing, there is less screen time for each character in one episode. That makes it all the more tough to decide this.

Shahana and Nazakat are great in this episode too. Jia, I think is overdoing it. She is a bit too loud every time she fights with Arsal.

Although he has limited number of scenes, but Joji killed it every time. He comes out as a nosy, irritating, elder ‘uncle’ type creature with a distinct accent and tone. Kudos to Ali Safeena!

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