Each Day Is Significant!

For me, October 21 is a milestone of sorts.

Today, I opened a new page on my spiral notebook (my big ideas book) and wrote the date at the top.

21st October 2019

OMG! This date looks familiar. It is indeed.

21st October 2011

8 years ago, a fine Friday afternoon, I appeared for a personal interview at my current company. It was just a week before Diwali (just like today). People were in festive mood. My interview went well, despite my dehydrated state. I had a serious bout of acidity problem at the time and nothing stayed in my stomach for more than 10 minutes, not even boiled water. Apparently, you can answer interview question even then and empty stomach doesn’t hamper the discussion with two sets of panelists.

21st October 2019

I shouldn’t crib much, because they offered me a job after a couple of days. Maybe others can try it. Ssshhh, I was kidding. God forbid if anyone has to go through that.

I don’t even know if I should feel the excitement or be upset that I have been working at the same place for nearly 8 years. Nah, changing jobs is a lot of work and I am lazy. I think I’d say that I like it here. The other me is shaking her head vigorously.

The two sides of me hardly ever agree on something. What else is new?

One would say that it is not a significant event to remember. I have this weird thing that I remember every date & number, significant or otherwise. For instance, I remember on what all dates I have not slept a blink; the date I booked the ticket for my last year’s Christmas break; the build number that I triggered this afternoon, and 5 other before that; stupid stuff like that.

Alright, I admit. I am crazy.

But, here’s the thing. I do believe that every day is important. You don’t have to remember it for years to come, but there is no harm in thinking that the day is special (despite your lack of sleep).

Today is special, because I shared a boring story with virtually non-existing audience.

Bless you, for reading this.

Shabana Mukhtar

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