Pune’s Weather Has Its Mood Swings

I am not kidding.

For past two weeks or so, we are witnessing all three seasons within 24 hours. That’s not all. It has a pattern, too.

1. Mid-night through early morning 4-ish – Heavy downpour

You know how they say ‘raining cats and dogs’ (whatever the hell that means)? It is raining like that.

2. 4 AM – 7 AM – Winter

This is the time when my body and brain both finally give up and I start to feel drowsy (most of the nights).

But can I sleep? Nooo.

It gets too freakin’ cold. I wrap another blanket around me.

That should fix it, right? Nooo.

Then I start to sweat, profusely.

By this time, as one may expect; I get really cranky. Lack of sleep is the worst thing ever, cuz when you talk about it, people are like “Shut up, that’s not even a problem”. Those who are reading this must be thinking the same way. To them, I want to say, “You don’t know it.”

Let’s move on. I get so emotional when I talk about my inability to sleep.

7 AM to 3 PM – Summer

If I fall asleep, at all, I wake up around 7, because the summer has begun. I get up and splash cold water on my face to get rid of the burning feeling. Then, I get ready and go to office. It is hot like hell.

I sweat; my body feels warm and I want the AC to be blasted to 18 degrees celsius. Okay, not 18, but 24, maybe.

3:30 PM onwards – the monsoon resumes

Yep, not kidding. I go for a walk around 3:15 PM, and by the time I come back, it starts to drizzle. Then it gets strong by the minute. I have a couple of clicks from this afternoon.


It feels like Pune’s weather also has mood swings like me. Tch!

Shabana Mukhtar


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