Daasi | Episode 6

The sixth episode of Daasi felt a bit ‘meh’ to me. Anyway, let’s get down to the review.

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Plot Summary & My rant

The episode begins as Sunehri barges in Aahil’s room.

Because when you keep a tenant / paying guest, you can do that. Both Sunehri and Aliya do the same. 

She insists him to play his music. He does.

Relax, it is the OST, nothing new is created for the scene. 

Sunehri likes the tune and says:

زخموں پر مرہم رکھنے والی دھن ہے۔  

I agree, in parts. It is good, but not that great. 

Anyway, she offers to sing for him. Hmmm, that’s interesting. He’s impressed by her singing talent nonetheless and he decides to shoot a video of her singing his song.

That voice doesn’t suit Mawra, by the way. Although whoever has sung has a very powerful voice. 


On work front, Aahil is still reluctant to work permanently Mujtaba’s store. Two of Mujtaba’s employees act like goons, I wonder why. Mujtaba threatens him that his employees should not complain about him, ever 

Tauqeer has come up with a fraudulent insurance scheme for employee for 50 lakhs and she just signs it. Trust 

Aadil the genius asks Aahil to talk to Aliya.

Of course, why wouldn’t he? How would things get complicated? 

Aahil is so stupid that he talks to Aliya. As if she needed more ammunition to be delusional. 

And the episode ends as we see Aahil worried about some bills.

Parting Thoughts

I don’t want to watch this drama anymore. Or maybe, once Shahabuddin (Sunehri’s cousin) makes an appearance, things would get more interesting. Kamran Jilani is getting a lot of work these days, huh? I mean, he plays Islam in Deewar-e-Shab; he’s in Qismat (I am not reviewing Qismat, yet) and then Shahabuddin in this one.

Allah Hafiz.

Shabana Mukhtar

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