Free book promotion on Amazon

Dear Book Lovers,

A couple of my books are on a free promotion on Amazon. Grab your copy and review, please 🙂

Your feedback means a lot.

अनोखा माज़ी (मुहब्बत यूं भी होती है Book 3) (Hindi Edition)

अनोखे हमसफ़र (मुहब्बत यूं भी होती है Book 4) (Hindi Edition)

Al Muqtadir (The Omnipotent) – Episode 2: An intriguing, interesting and exciting thriller series (Hindi Edition)

The Uncertainty: Tiny Tales #3

A Journey to Remember: Happily Ever After #1


Check out the other books here. If you would want to read and review any, PM me and I will share the pdf.



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