How the habit of Ctrl + S ruined my day

I was writing a story. A big one, sort of like a novel, for past 3 days. It was coming alone nicely. When I read it after writing, I enjoyed reading it. It didn’t sound like me, and that reassured me that people may actually like it and read it. 

After dinner, I sat down to write some more. I typed away for nearly 3 hours. I added two brilliantly written chapters. Then thought of calling it a day. I saved my work. Closed the file. There was another file open. I closed that too. It prompted me to save, and I did. 

It was the same file that I had opened earlier. So I essentially overwrote the file. NOOOOOOOOO….

I am devastated. 

Ctrl + S



Ctrl + S

These simple commands ruined it. I lost two full chapters.

I tried to restore. There were no versions in version history.

A bad day.

I take this as a sign that I’m not supposed to wrote a novel or book. 

Oh silly me.

Oh poor me.