Human honkers

My dream road

In this city, one cannot drive without honking.

This is not a metro city. It is one of IT hubs in country. It attracts a lot of new and lateral talent, intra-state as well as inter-state. That means there is an ever-increasing stream of people who now call this place home. Some choose to buy a two-wheeler as soon as they could afford. Others wait for a couple of years, they rely on public or office transport until then. After that, they go for buying a bike or car.

Everyday, there are more and more new cars on road, with unexperienced, unlearned drivers in the driving seat. How do they manage through the traffic? They keep on honking, to make people aware, that there is a newbie on the road. They are not very mindful if their driving is affecting others. They do not care that their careless driving is making other more and more careful.

Same applies to people on foot.

They are not mindful of how they are walking.

Are they in their lanes?

Are they aware of fellow walkers?

Do they understand the rules of who takes right-of-way?

The situations are same, The one advantage that drivers get is, they can “honk”.

I wonder if human being could honk while they walk. Or if there be a traffic police to make people follow rules-of-walking.

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