Is ‘Respect’ Diminishing?

In today’s age, have we stopped respecting people?

I am picky, and I say that aloud. Other people are picky, but they don’t have the guts to admit it. But that’s beside the point. My point is that I don’t like loud voices and I talk about it.

I have been working for nearly 14 years now and almost just as many teams. It is fair to say that I have my fair share of people experience. Over here, and recently I have noticed people’s behaviour changing for the worse.

We don’t respect.

Whether it is walking with your arms out or eyes glued to the phone, 98% of us are not aware of our surroundings. People bump into each other, LITERALLY. They don’t apologize, perhaps both parties blaming it on the other one.

We love to block other’s way, on roads and in the aisles. There is one team, who is ALWAYS standing in the aisle, blocking the way to washrooms, discussing food. And, they are LOUD, so loud I can hear them at my desk, 104 feet away (I counted). I want to ask my director – give them some work. A team of seven is doing nothing except gossip and irritating others. Should I say that’s a 100 million rupees (1 crore sounds better) per annum is spent on making this place a noisier place to work.

And, we love to shout. The company has given a nice instant messaging software; desk phones and related teams are closely located. Still, people shout when they talk to each other, even if they are 5 aisles apart.

I remember, in my previous company, if we needed any discussion with a person we used to dial extension to talk to each other or walk to their desk. We spoke softly. We ensured that we never disturb the neighbours.

It is opposite now. People intentionally shout. Yesterday, a guy stood right next to me, in my cubicle to call another guy four rows away. He was so loud that my heart raced frantically for nearly an hour. I am not exaggerating. That’s how loud he was, that’s how much it affects me, and the fact that he did the same twice again.

I can go on and on. Nothing would change. Unless I quit this job and go to Himalayas to spend life in a secluded place.

What if the Himalayas are also crowded? Is there 4G?

I don’t know, but I am sick of disrespecting people.

People, please learn to be more respectful towards others. You don’t know how badly you’re affecting others. Your loud and inconsiderate behavior makes people anxious, resulting in shortness of breath, and mostly causing lack of sleep.


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  1. Respect is from heart,,, always

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