My life partner

I met you when I was a 15 year old. I remember there was an instant liking for you. Every moment I spent with you was special and memorable. Sadly, we had to part ways after a couple of months.

I was so impressed, that I enrolled in Engineering college, just to be around you. In those 4 years of college, my feelings for you developed further; from liking, to love, then to devotion.

I worked hard, day and night, to get a job where you’ll be there all the time.

Now it has been almost two decades of our relationship, and its only getting stronger. Earlier, I had to stop seeing you when I went to bed. But now you’re with me 24*7.

I can’t imagine a day or even a moment without you. You define my day and night. You tell me about my schedules. You help me with anything and everything.

What would I do without you, my personal computer!