“Paras” By Rukhsana Nigar Adnan

When I started writing about “Paras” by Nemrah Ahmed, I thought of reading it again, to refresh my memories about the story. I had earlier read it on my sister’s phone. This time I searched to download and add to my soft library (a collection of well categorized PDFs of all the novels I’ve downloaded so far). Google results showed two – one by Nemrah Ahmed and another by Rukhsana Nigar Adnan. I downloaded both.

Naturally, I started reading Rukhsana’s novel first. It took me two hours. And I drained all the tears from my eyes. A good read.  If you’re like me, who absorbs the characters and situations; keep your hanky ready.

The story is about a journey of a happy-go-lucky spoiled brat, Aiman, who loses her parents at 18. And how she learns all the important lessons in life, lessons for this world and beyond. Will not give too much about the story.

It’s not all dark though.

There is humor. The interaction between Khaala bi and Aiman is hilarious.

There is struggle.

There is righteousness and sinfulness.

There is poverty – mind-numbing, goose-bumping poverty

And there is Allah. A beautiful narration that bring everything together, and teaches us.

To trust nobody except Allah…

To ask from nobody but Allah…

To have utmost faith in Him…

And His plans…

And His decisions…

Because He says so in Quran, “And they plan, and Allah plans, and Allah is the best planner”.ayat-1

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