Pen To Publish – Day 32

Really? Again?

For those who visit my blog often, know about my obsession with P2P contest. My original plan was to read a couple of short books and post daily reviews. I tried, but only till day 10. I have read very few P2P contest entries this time and haven’t reviewed very many of them.

A few days later, I was drawn into Hum TV Dramas. I watched a million videos and wrote a zillion reviews. October’s count is 54, already. My previous record was December 2018 with 44 posts.

Anyway, so today I am posting, because I have a news to share.

Today isn’t just another day

I slept till late morning and missed office bus, oops!

Once I was awake, sitting idle was so tempting. But I told myself.

Make yourself useful. Don’t waste this day off.

I have this middle class mentality where any kind of wastage is looked down upon. So, as I was saying, I made breakfast, had tea, talked to my brother, and cleaned the dishes. That was around noon. I am so efficient, aren’t I?

I was bored already. I needed something that will excite me.

So, I started my laptop and started doing some changes to a short story that was work in progress since second week of August. I read it, proofread it once and published it. Viola! Coz nothing excites me more than publishing another story.

So, the book is live on Amazon. You can find more details here.

Chhoti Chhoti Batein Mujhe Tum Pasand Ho On Amazon

With this, I now have at least one entry in PenToPublish2019 contest #ShabanaMukhtar #PenToPublish2019.

No, nobody was eagerly waiting for my participation and very few people will read it. Most will hate it. Some readers will vent their frustration by leaving a one star review. Those dealing with anger issues with include rude comments and ask me to stop writing.

But, I am not going to stop writing. I can’t not write.

Readers have the freedom to not read my books, as simple as that.

Where are other book readers? Have you read anything interesting lately? Please share.

Until next post, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar