PenToPublish2019 Day 1

Yep, it’s early this year.
Last year, my first attempt at PenToPublish 2018, I submitted about a trillion entries. Needless to say, not one of them got shortlisted, let alone winning a prize.

This year, I have been sleeping less and writing more. I, therefore, have at least 10 stories of varying length in various stages. In fact, I have final drafts of two novels ready to publish for P2P2019.

But it arrived early.

The manuscripts I have need to go through edits, proof reading, beta-reading, cover creation and what not. I am not ready to participate, not yet. I don’t think I will be, given how little time I get at a stretch to focus on things.
But I checked the entries yesterday. First day, 221 entries. Wow! The competition is getting fierce.
Which makes me think again, to P2P or not to P2P?

Who in the blogger community is participating? I will be reading and reviewing some entries. If you want your work reviewed, please drop me a note; or comment below.

Total entries: 221

My entries: 0

Books read: 0