Rants | How Domino’s Pizza ruined my day?

It’s the middle of the week. I have just crossed of a big item from my to-do list of the week. Heck, it has been on my to-do list for the past couple of years-selling my apartment. But that’s not the story we’re discussing here.


I didn’t want to cook, and I wanted to eat pizza before I return home. I live in a town that doesn’t have any decent Pizza outlet. There is one Domino outlet in the next lane from my apartment building. So, I placed an order online. Fifteen minutes later, the order was ready. I was excited that the food will arrive before time.




It didn’t.


The valet went to a wrong lane and wrong building, and I could see in live-tracking link that was shared with me. He stayed there for the next seven minutes. The pizza is getting cold, that worry is bogging me down. A minute later, I see him six labes away from me.


Dude, what the f?


I dialled his number, which was out of coverage area.




A working phone and a bike, these are the bare minimum for a valet. I tried his number again, and again. I got the same response every time. Now, I can see that he’s moving towards my lane, and I hold my breath, literally. Instead of taking a left turn, he drove straight.


Seriously, what the f?


I would have forgotten about it if it wasn’t a prepaid order. It was time to get into action. It was time to do something.


I login to Zomato again and contact the support team. The support team is just as useless as this Domino’s valet. They tell me that the order can’t be cancelled as the valet is already out. But bro, the order still has not arrived. The valet is moving in a circle, I can see.


No, madam, we cannot cancel the order.




Two minutes later, I get a call from an unknown number confirming my address. I told him to cancel the order by he kept me on hold. I got the food delivered in three minutes.


That’s how easy it was all this while.


The delivery was delayed, a total twenty minutes later than it should have been delivered. Can you imagine how cold the pizza must be?


The pizza boxes were damaged from sides, the bread and the base was chewy, the food was cold, frozen and tasteless.


That’s not just a waste of money. That’s a waste of my precious time, and it added to my anxiety.


Why didn’t the restaurant get my correct address?

Why didn’t the valet have a working phone?

Why didn’t the restaurant pick my call?

Why couldn’t Zomato cancel the order?

Does customer dissatisfaction mean nothing?

Or it is all a sign that I should start making my own pizza at home?


I don’t have answer to any of them but my day is effectively ruined.


Domino’s Pizza sucks.


Zomato has registered a complaint but can it dull the anxiety of a late order? Can it change the taste of that cold chewy pizza? No… It will never be the same.


So long, Zomato!


Ab ke bichde to shayad khwabon mein hi milein


Shabana Mukhtar