Drama Review | Laapata | Episode 15

Let’s watch and review the fifteenth episode.

Laapata episode 15 written update

Nasreen and Gaiti are discussing Falak, and Gaiti is suddenly mean about Falak. Wasn’t she nice until Falak got married?

Gauhar Rasheed’s conversation with Falak’s mother reminded me of his last scene in the last episode. That “to be and not to be” scene still gives me chills. Gauhar is known to portray such characters with aplomb (Man Mayal and Rangreza come to my mind). But this time, he had outdone himself.

Anywho, we had already seen in the teaser that Daniyal would find Falak, and he does. Falak isn’t as tame as Daniyal thinks. She hits Daniyal with a steel jug. Daniyal hojata hai lam-late, and Falak gets the chance to run away. No, she isn’t a damsel in stress who would just willy-nilly run away. No! she goes home, packs her stuff and then returns to Karachi.

Raju brings sweet for Shams, and he’s being extar-sweet. I don’t think Shams should eat those sweets, nor should he accept Raju’s lunch invitation. But… He does… He isn’t as fool as Raju thinks. Shams has brought his own “nafri” to deal with Raju. Ha.Ha.Ha…

Shams gets a bonus and decides to buy a bike. And guess who’s the salesperson? Shahid, Nasreen’s husband and Gaiti’s ex-boyfriend. Shahid tries to tell Shams about the past stories. Shams also tells some stories about Nasreen’s past. Fun scene that goes to show just how savage Shams is.

Let’s be prepared for Shams and Falak’s face-off.

Shabana Mukhtar

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