Shopping Spree | Abaya #2

While in Makkah Mukarramah, I would use every opportunity I get to scrounge through the racks of shops around me. I was looking for a black abaya, all black, no embezzlement, no nothing. Just plain black good ol’ abaya. I didn’t like any. Not a single one.

Then I thought, hey, I will buy one when I get to Madinah Munawwarah. Oh, I was so naive.

So, we are in Madinah now, and we have very few days here. So, I must find one abaya for me before it’s time to go back home. A shop right outside Gate 327 of Al Masjid Al Nabawi had a SALE, SALE, SALE. One day, while returning to our hotel after Isha prayers, my sis and I stopped by the shop.

And boy were we disappointed.

The prices were outrageous, the fabric was just awful and the abaya designs were dated. Even at a slashed price, it just wasn’t worth it. I would have bought it if it was reduced by another 50%. Just saying… 

I also noticed that some of the women working within Harmain Sharifain wore a very loose kaftan-like abaya. I loved it. but I didn’t know what it’s called However, I couldn’t find one. Everytime we went to the market, which was all of two times, I would look around and ask people if they have something like that.

And, then, we came back.

My search for a good abaya was still on.

I was browsing through Amazon (as I always do), looking for things that might catch me eye. And then, I found this on Amazon.


I was like: haw! this is exactly what I want. Add to Cart, Checkout and done!


It’s called a jilbab-a single piece head-to-toe prayer garment so to speak. Of course, it can be worn outside as well. It arrived yesterday while I was at work. I can’t tell you how anxious I was to get home and get my hands on this lovely fabric. 

It looks exactly how it looks in the picture. It comes in Matte fabric, jet black and I love it.

It also came with a little card from the brand, I liked it’s message.

Isn’t that sweet?

PS: this isn’t an affiliate post. I shared about it because I am a genuine buyer and Amazon aficionado.

Shabana Mukhtar