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In the realm of gastronomy, few experiences are as exhilarating as embarking on a culinary adventure. When it comes to my brother and me, we’ve always been passionate explorers of flavors, constantly on the lookout for new culinary horizons. From savoring the familiar delights of our cherished local eateries to venturing into the unknown with the eagerness of food aficionados, our gastronomic escapades are both a pleasure and a ritual.

This weekend was no exception. As the clock ticked towards our impending return to Nagpur, we realized that our gastronomic crusade through Pune’s diverse restaurant landscape was coming to an end. While revisiting our all-time favorite dining spots was high on the agenda, the call of undiscovered flavors beckoned irresistibly. And what better way to bid adieu to this culinary paradise than by venturing into the uncharted territory of Behroz Biryani, a name that had intrigued my brother from the moment he tasted it in Chennai.

So, with a sense of anticipation and a craving for something extraordinary, we decided to place an order that would be a fitting climax to our culinary journey – the much-lauded Chicken Tikka Biryani from Behroz Biryani. It was a choice that promised a fusion of flavors, a testament to the diverse tastes that India has to offer, and a delightful culmination of our state-crossing gastronomic adventure.


I love the packaging. It seemed royal.

Inside, there was a small box of biryani and two tiny ones with raita and gulab jamun and wooden spoon and fork.

The inner lid shows a sketch that made me feel that I belong to Mughal era (sorry it’s blurred).


Now, for the main part-the Biryani itself.

Quantity: A Pricey Portion

When the Biryani arrived, the first thing I noticed was the quantity – or rather, the lack of it. At INR 575, I expected a generous serving that would satiate my appetite and justify the price. Unfortunately, what I received felt like a portion designed for a sparrow’s palate. It left me questioning the value I was receiving for my money.

Taste: A Spice Overdose

The next aspect I evaluated was the taste. Biryani is renowned for its intricate blend of spices, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors. In this case, however, the harmony was disrupted by an overwhelming heat that eclipsed all other nuances. It seemed as if the chef had gone overboard with the spices, drowning out the subtleties that a good Biryani should offer. While the chicken was tender, the overpowering spiciness left me yearning for a more balanced flavor profile.

Quality: A Rice-Related Disappointment

But the biggest letdown of the meal was the quality of the rice. It’s no secret that cooking Biryani rice to perfection is a skill that requires precision. Regrettably, the rice in this dish was undercooked, an issue I previously shared in my post, Most Epic Cooking Fail. While my own culinary mishaps can be forgiven, I hold restaurants to a higher standard, especially when dining at such an exorbitant price point. In a Biryani, well-cooked rice is the foundation of a satisfying meal, and this fundamental requirement was sadly overlooked.

The Verdict: One-Time Visit

Overall, my experience at Behroz Biryani was far from satisfying. The quantity was inadequate for the price, the taste was marred by an excessive use of spices, and the undercooked rice was a glaring error in what should be a signature dish for any restaurant. I left with a sense of disappointment, and I doubt I’ll be returning for a second attempt.

In the world of Biryani, where competition is fierce, the expectation is high. Unfortunately, [Restaurant Name] fell short of delivering a memorable Biryani experience. For now, I’ll be exploring other dining options in search of that perfect plate of Biryani.


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