Telefilm Reviews: Kya Yahi Pyaar Hai


Drama Details

Title: Kya Yahi Pyaar Hai

Channel: A Plus Drama


It is a three part telefilm. It stars Muneeb Butt, Ushna Shah, Faizan Khwaja. There are a couple of other characters, too.

Ushna Shah : Tajwar

Faizan Khawaja : Haris

Muneeb Butt : Humaiyun

Saba Sarfaraz : Noor

Zoya Malik : Mehreen

Nasreen Qureshi : Bua

Noor-ul-Hassan : Rafique(Tajwar’s Father)

The first episode opens with Noor running to Tajwar and hamming about Haris’ accident. Both sisters do more over acting as they reach the hospital. There is a semi-dark room where someone, supposedly Haris, is wrapped in a colorful mink blanket.

Seriously? When does that happen at the hospital?

Later, we are shown that it was a prank by Haris, a doctor, for his fiance Tajwar.

That should have been a sign. I continued. There is a birthday scene where the date for marriage is also finalized. Humayun and Tajwar exchange glasses and everybody else just ignores it. Can you not see?

Haris and Tajwar meet in a restaurant – two days left in marriage. Humayun is also there. Why?

Haris decides to go to some other city where disater has struck. Really? Has every other doctor disappeared?

Tajwar goes to see Humayun – the house is otherwise just conveniently deserted.  Where is everyone? 

Humayun drives her back to her place, gets a call, and announces. ‘Haris ki death ho gayi.’ Just like that?

Haris’s sister Mehreen overhears the conversation the night Haris dies, but she says nothing and goes abroad.

Then Humayun and Tajwar start spending time together and commit to each other. Suddenly, when everything is finalized, two things happen. One, Mehreen announces that she is coming back. Two, Haris appears out of nowhere ON THE DAY OF NIKAH.

Humayun immediately gives up on his dreams and his love – just like that; just like the way he did before. Uss par Haris aur uski family ke ehsaan jo thhey.

Even if the story was predictable, I would have enjoyed it if it wasn’t for the abrupt execution.

Excerpts / Quotes / Highlights:

Main hoon kya, Haaris ki aadhi bewa?



Overall rating: 3/5 stars

Shabana Mukhtar

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