The little girl in me

The little girl in me likes to live in a world of fantasy. This started when I really was a little girl.

I used to daydream about having a lot of money. So much, that I could buy anything without worrying about the price.

That fantasy seems natural now. It is obvious actually. Given that back in those days pocket-money was very limited, this could be a fantasy of every child. This fantasy has turned into a reality, almost. I am blessed with enough resources. A decent job, that pays me enough and I could afford most of the things I want or had wanted.

I am still not happy.

Now my fantasy is to live like a princess, a not-so-pretty princes, in a huge beautiful palace. As the princess, I will have people to run errands for me. All I have to do all day is enjoy the luxuries of life, walk in the serene surroundings of my palace garden.

This also seems like a natural thing to feel. For lazy people, who do not want to go to office; people to want to be their own boss; people who have a nine-to-five job, and are living away from family, taking care of smallest and biggest items by self; this could be everyone’s fantasy. Who wouldn’t want to live like a princess?

Only after this turns into a reality, I will start to fantasize about some other make-believe place.

The little girl in me would never stop, would she?


Shabana Mukhtar