What do I enjoy most about writing?


Hello, wonderful readers! Shabana Mukhtar here, ready to spill the beans on what makes writing my ultimate jam. So, buckle up, grab a cuppa, and let’s dive into the world of words.

What do I enjoy most about writing?

I have too many stories, too many thoughts, too much frustation. 

You see, I’ve got a head full of stories. Tales that twirl and whirl like leaves caught in a gust of wind. Thoughts that tumble like a runaway train, sometimes threatening to derail my sanity. And don’t even get me started on the frustrations that seem to brew like a storm in a teacup. But here’s the thing – writing is my valve, my outlet, my ticket to serenity.

But let’s face it, not everyone wants to hear about the inner workings of my mind, the tangled web of my personal dilemmas, or the endless loop of my ramblings. That’s where the magic of fictitious characters comes into play. Crafting these personalities, giving them life, hopes, fears – it’s like playing a divine puppeteer. I can nudge them toward decisions I’d never dare make in real life, thrust them into adventures that I can only dream of, and whisper in their ears the things I wish someone would say to me.

And oh, the journey! Taking these characters on a rollercoaster ride through highs and lows, watching them stumble, fall, and rise again – it’s a kind of exhilaration that’s hard to describe. Sure, it’s easy to conjure up a world where happily ever afters exist around every corner. In fact, I revel in weaving those stories where love conquers all, where dreams materialize with a flick of a pen. It’s a magical realm where the complexities of real life fade away, if only for a moment.

Sure, I’ll admit there might be rare instances of real-life fairy tales, but let’s be real – our everyday world is more often than not a labyrinth of gloomy corners and puzzling crossroads. Writing, my friends, is a refuge from the humdrum of reality, a chance to untangle the knots and bring order to the chaos. And even though my tales are spun from threads of imagination, there’s a peculiar kind of comfort in knowing that someone out there might connect with them, find solace or inspiration, or just enjoy a brief escape from their own everyday maze.

So, here’s to the thrill of sculpting stories, to the joy of guiding characters toward their own versions of happy endings, and to the unending adventure that is writing. Keep those pens scratching, those keyboards clacking, and remember – every tale you spin is a gateway to another world, and you, dear storyteller, are the architect of that magic.

So, there, I write because it is therapeutic. I write because I can’t sleep… I write because… Why not?

Until next time, keep dreaming, keep writing, and keep sharing your unique brand of enchantment with the world!

Assalam Alaikum and Allah Hafiz!

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