What is that place?

Sometimes, my dreams are of repetitive nature, or belonging to a theme. Some of the most recurring themes are –

  1. Somebody chasing me, like a hollywood style chase. It starts on foot, on the ground then on the balconies, staircases, jumping over fences and roofs.
  2. Flying in the sky: Yeah, that’s right. I see something “bad” is coming at me and there is no way I can save myself from that “bad” thing if I stay on the ground, running away is not an option. So I just put a little pressure on my foot, what vividly feels like a “special pressure point” and next moment I am up in the air. I move my feet a little bit to get higher and higher and then relax to flow horizontally. It is such ecstatic feeling.
  3. Getting trapped and suffocated: A very very narrow pathway, or a hanging 4th floor without staircase from 3rd floor, or a flat with 1 foot vide doorway or staircase that takes nowhere. All very strange.
  4. A Tesco like store, huge one at that… there are so many offers and I am somehow in a rush to fetch things and time seems to run out.
  5. My school or workplace(mostly school) is unimaginably huge. So much so that in one dream sequence, I can never seem to reach where I intend to go. A lot of people and very tall stair cases, very tall hallways, not in sight ends of corridors.
  6. A strange place 

This place is scary, and difficult to reach there. People still crave to be there. Once there, it is still challenging to be there. There are hidden unknown creatures to be scared of, there is fear of losing your track, there is darkness and mazed routes that connect the surrounding jungle with that big rotten ancient horrific building.

Every time I wake up after the dream, I remember every single detail like the color of the building’s exterior (typically blackish green) and the forest nearby and how petrified i am to be there. At the same time I am trying to understand why would people want to be there. Few hours later, it gets wiped out. All I remember is the sinking feeling – of not wanting to be in that place again.

This morning I concluded that this could be my imagination of zero land. I am moving away from real life and becoming part of fictitious one 🙂

Next time I will explain other recurring dreams, and why I feel that way I feel after those dreams.

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