Work Anniversary – 6 years and counting

Four days ago, I completed 6 years working in this firm. Time really does fly. And I spent this one in a never-before style. Don’t ask me why. I am going to tell you anyway. After all, that’s the intent of writing this post. Isn’t it?

So, I took a day off. I had to. I had a really bad stomach flu. I spent all night awake. That’s not unusual, I agree. I spent most of that time in loo. That’s what makes it different.

After staying up all night, and having nothing else left in my stomach; I felt dizzy. I got scared that going to office and visiting loo every ten minutes would be embarassing. Worse, the commute itself will be risky. The ride to work is bumpy. With upset stomach, anything could happen during the ride. You know what I mean? Wink wink.

Stayed home. Ate nothing due to fear. The development manager called me in the afternoon. We had only one day to finish committing our code for this sprint. And I was needed at office. I was tempted to go to office for half a day and finish that work. But by this time, I was feeling too weak to even get up from bed. I had only two bananas after yesterday’s evening snack. That’s 24 hours.

Long story short, somebody from team was convinced to hand over the team laptop to me on their way back home, for me to work from home.

As people ate their dinner and got ready for bed, I logged in to my desktop remotely to perform end-of-sprint rituals, and worked till 6 am in the morning.

This is how I celebrated the anniversary. Work Anniversary indeed.

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