Sabaat | Episode 12 | Watch for Usman Mukhtar


The latest episode of Sabaat (aired on June 21, 2020) continues to be a mix – loud, annoying, unreasonable Meeral and modest, cute, composed duo Anaya & Hassan. Usman Mukhtar makes a subtle, unforced and memorable appearance. Would like to see more of time. Suthra bachha!

Meeral’s home, unapologetic about her deeds, asks Nemal (that’s her name, right?) to leave her alone.

I don’t understand why Meeral’s friend is always following her like a shadow. Sis, don’t you have any other work? Don’t you have life?
Anaya and Hassan return to Meeral Palace. Meeral vows to make life hell for everyone else. Who does that to family? Nemal suggests that Meeral sees a psychiatrist. Mrs Fareed breaks down in front of Meeral and then this happens.

I think Nemal is right. Meeral is unstable and needs help. Meeral admits just as much and she visits the psychiatrist.

Enters Osman Mukhtar the handsome psychiatrist Haaris.

She begins taunting him within a minute of meeting him. Did she think she would get to him? He’s a psychiatrist for crying out loud. He sends her back. Ja, soch ke aana. He said, not verbatim, though. Meeral had met her match.

She goes for another session. Both Sara and Usman looks so great.

Mrs Fareed sends the newlyweds for honeymoon, just so she could try and fix Meeral. Hassan raises the question we are dying to ask: “Is it only my responsibility to bring the family together?”

Anywho, Anaya and Hassan are having a great time at their honeymoon. Anaya is fun. Hassan suggests that Anaya should join his father’s business. Will Meeral allow that? Doubt it!

Parting Thoughts

Hassan looks handsome in salwar kameez and that blue colour suits him well. To be honest, everyone looks gorgeous in this drama.

The best moment was when Bushra (Mrs Aziz) was drawing lines remembering Anaya. Senti!!!

Please read about the cast and character’s before you read the review. Previous episodes’ reviews can be found here.

Shabana Mukhtar

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