Sabaat | Episode 19


Alright, let’s begin the review of the latest episode of Sabaat (episode 19). It aired on August 16, 2020.

Meeral and Haaris’s marriage is off to a shaky start. Meeral tries to treat Haaris like a puppet. She spots him with a patient and it makes him jealous. How ridiculous!

Post the announcement of ban on new construction, Meeral is busy to set up a new plan for the “Grand Engineering Plan” conference. Anaya and Jehnagir are also set to attend the same meeting, so are Hassan and Yasir.Anaya is worried about Meeral but Meeral’s target is Yasir. She humiliates Yasir in front of the entire crowd. Hassan joins the meeting with the proposal. Seeing her younger brother with opponent upsets Meeral to no bound. And, she does what she does best – insults Hassan and Anaya.

Aziz is sick and forbids Bushra that Anaya should not know. I don’t understand that about parents. Why don’t they keep their kids informed? Kids should be strong enough to Fiction is fueled by coincidences. Anaya’s friend Muneeba (if I remember her name correctly) runs into them at the hospital and offers to get a second opinion from her aunt.

Anaya discusses Yasir and his unethical wayas. She suggests that he should stand up in front of Yasir.  The story takes a dramatic turn as Fareed tells Hassan: “Don’t even come to my funeral.” I hate that threat.

Atif and Hassan discuss whether he should fire. Sana, the office bitch reports them to Yasir and Yasir insults them both. Will this help Hassan make a decision? It does, because he begins to speak his mind, at least in front of Sana. I love it. He should slap Yasir and find another job.

Until next week, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar

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