Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 141

IMG_20200418_172951 Samet and Erkut run into each other when Samet is picking up the cake for Muhsin’s birthday party. Guess what happens? Yeah, you guessed it right. He tells Erkut that they are having a baby girl. *face palm* Wait, that is not the biggest blunder of this episode. Wait for more. Ayse and Kerim take Muhsin around time to distract him, so Helda can plan the party. Muhsin is irritated, also ventures a guess that they are expecting. To bring things back on track, Kerim tells Muhsin: “You will be a grandfather. Samet is having a baby girl.” Mushin is happy and the surprise if effectively ruined. Bravo! Muhsin announces ten per cent shares for Hulya and Ayse both.  There isn’t as much drama as I had expected. The next morning, Ayse has the shoot. Kerim has a smug smile on his face. Something is fishy, I tell you. Perhaps he has hijacked the commercial. Am I right? We will know in the next episode.


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