Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 142

IMG_20200418_172951 The shoot is about to begin and Ayse is having second thoughts whether she can go through the shoot and kiss another man. Her man, Kerim, is heading towards the shoot location with Volkan. Our dude is jealous AF. The shoot begins; Ayse walks through the fake downpour when the hero joins her, holds her in his arms and kisses her. That is Kerim. Kiss #3. Wow! Ayse and Kerim are arguing; but Kerim ends the squabble by revealing that he accepted the role only for charity to support women’s education. Awnnn! Sweet! Yes, the director has chosen Kerim as the hero. I predicted it here, didn’t I? Oh, that scene that we see in bits and pieces where Cedah is telling about the fake marriage; that scene is with Helda. Helda knows, and breaks down that Kerim lied to her. Haw :O She is anxious, of course, and asks Muhsin if he knows anything.


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