Drama Review | Parizaad | Episode 24


A little recap of episode 23

Parizaad meets his old friend Nasaaz. Kanwal realises that Parizaad is still good at heart and he doesn’t want to take advantage of Naheed because of her advances.

Parizaad episode 24 written update and review

 Majid bhai is finally noticing Naheed isn’t her usual self, but fir Naheed it’s too little, too late.

Parizaad nearly loses another good friend Akbar takes the bullet that was aimed at Parizaad. He recalls his conversation with Behroz Kareem.

“Waqt padne par bada saffak hona padta hai,” Behroz Kareem says. “Doston ke saath dost and dushmano ke saath dushman.”

Parizaad brings in Guru to find who is responsible for the shootout. Now, Parizaad has become the ultimate don. Look at the rage on his face.

Guru knows who’s behind this, and what should be done next – protect the ones he loves. Guru has already appointed security at Ainee’s house. Tch… Such is life.

Parizaad comes to Seth Shahbaz with his entourage. Kya swag hai bhai!

This confrontation scene is so beautifully written and executed. Seth Shahbaz is evil but Parizaad is one step ahead. Unki lafzon ki jung achchi lagi. I loved their war of wirds. I absolutely loved how Parizaad threatens Seth Shahbaz without uttering a word.

The episode ends as Dr Fahad comes as De Sharjeel, Ainee’s cousin. Chalo, aa gaya Parizaad ka raqeeb.


Parizaad’s unfinished love stories are aching for closure. We can see that Naheed is yearning for Parizaad, and that Lubna admires Parizaad. But his heart is elsewhere.

So far, money has only brought a positive change in Parizaad. But now his loved ones are threatened. Would Parizaad leave the monies to save Ainee?


Does anyone find Huma Nawab’s hairstyle doesn’t suit her?

What to expect from episode 25?

Jealousy… Envy… Use of power… Parizaad might become the man he never was – cruel.

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