Drama Review | Parizaad | Episode 8

It’s time to review the eighth episode of Parizaad that aired on September 7, 2021.

Parizaad episode 8 written update

Parizaad has a new mission in life – collect 3-4 lakhs to give to Saeeda just so Saleem can re-establish his business. I don’t understand. When Saleem was introduced he seemed like a nice guy. Why does he want his wife’s money to start a business. Do something else, no?


Lubna isn’t coming to university, and Parizaad wants to talk to her. He goes to her place. Lubna’s evil mother tells him that Lubna is getting married to Noman Bashir, the rich man who offered Parizaad to sell his poetry. Farhana Khala does a good job of a rude hostess. I call her Farhana Khala because she played Farhana Khala in Yeh Dil Mera.


Lubna tells Parizaad that she’s not getting married, she’s getting sold. A very nice scene between Ahmed Ali Akbar and Mashal Khan.


Lubna’s mother parts her two cents about how riches can rules the world and hide their ugliness with their monies. Now Parizaad has two motivations to make more money. Whether it’s Saeeda’s predicament or Lubna’s mothers words, he leaves University to work in a workshop.


Kallu mistri makes his entry. If you want to know more characters, you can read novel’s review here.

Shoki sees Parizaad in blue overall, and offers him to give him money just to Parizaad can finish his education first. It hurts to see a poet, a sensitive mind has to surrender to life’s struggles.


Parizaad sees Naheed and makes the decision that has been long pending – he decides to sell his poetry to Noman.


“Main apni nazmein ek lafzon ke saudagar ke paas bech aaya.” Parizaad to Saeeda.


I like that Parizaad’s tan is consistent. In Laapata, Shams’s tan kept changing colour, and now it’s eventually gone.


I digress!


I will talk more about that in Laapata’s review.


So long!


Shabana Mukhtar

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