Drama Review | Laapata | Episode 8

Let’s watch and review the eighth episode.

Laapata episode 8 written update

Farhan is flirting with Geeti, and they have plans to marry each other. Wouldn’t it break Nasreen’s heart? But Geeti doesn’t care about others. This Farhan dude seems a bit like Geeti – a person with no morals. 


Geeti gives Nasreen a million reasons why Nasreen should not marry Farhan, in other words, a million reasons why Nasreen should leave Farhan for Geeti. 


Daniyal, Falak’s boss is hitting on Falak, super hard. Falak is super cold towards him but the man is relentless. He goes to her house, unannounced. That look on Daniyal’s face when Falak says Fahad is my son… Wallah! 

Falak is hurting, but she also wants to move on. Her parents want her to move on, with Daniyal. They talk Falak into it. Hameed, the grieving father also gives his permission that Falak can marry someone else. 


Falak and Daniyal are on a date. Things move very fast in this drama. Munazza Arif acts well as a mother who longs for her missing son. Also, kudos to Sarah Khan for the last scene between Falak and Rukhsana. Both women have nailed that scene. Bhai waah!


Shabana Mukhtar