Drama Review | Laapata | Episode 9

Let’s watch and review the ninth episode.

Laapata episode 9 written update

Farhan and Geeti are finalizing the cards for their wedding, the wedding that will happen only after their court marriage. Geeti sells her mother’s jewellery, and Farhan keeps everything. Then he runs away. I told you… He didn’t seem genuine.

Falak’s getting married, soon. Everybody is happy, or at least they pretend to. Daniyal seems very career oriented, and a bit grey, I would say.

Shams’s cellmate suggests that he can seek help from a friend to inform Shams’s parents. It’s the same guy who used to tease Falak. We see the same guy teasing Falak again. This time, it’s Daniyal who saves her. He had a gun. What?

I like that smirk on his face. I think he has a shady past. I wonder what that is? A charge sheet? Another woman in his life?

Falak and Daniyal would move to Islamabad after marriage. I wonder what that has to do with the story.

Shabana Mukhtar