Drama Review | Laapata | Episode 10

Let’s watch and review the tenth episode.

Laapata episode 10 written update

Geeti is back to bossing around her old boyfriend. He doesn’t want to marry Geeti but he’s too afraid of Geeti to say no. He does bring his proposal. 


Shams comes back, as one would have expected. Nasreen breaks the news to Geeti, and Geeti leaves her prospective groom for Shams. Nasreen sweetly invites them to her house. Poetic justice is served. Geeti stole Nasreen’s fiancé and Nasreen is stealing Geeti’s, sort of. Phittus! It’s awful, but some of these characters have questionable morals.


Talking of questionable morals, we see Geeti blackmailing a guy to get Farhan’s address. It’s the same guy who had spotted Geeti and Farhan earlier. In that scene, Nasreen and Geeti wear the same colour, almost similar dress. Even in episode 8, when Geeti did the Madhuri Dixit’s Aaja Nachle look, Nasreen also wore blue and black combination. Is it intentional?




Falak is now in Islamabad with Daniyal. It seems that Daniyal is already married. This is just a hint, an ester egg, a foreshadowing perhaps. I think in episode 9th review, I mentioned this. Something was fishy about Daniyal. I think he likes marrying a new woman every now and then.


We will know in next episode.


Shabana Mukhtar

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