Qarar | Episode 11

Maya is blackmailing Fareeha to speak to Salman so he would take Maya back. 

Faiyaz visits Salman, threatens him yet again but Salman still insists that Zaibunnisa should stay back home. 

There are riots and protests in the city and yet Maya forces Fareeha to meet Salman in person. We know where it is headed.

Ammar loses his calm when he learns that Fareeha has stepped out. Fareeha does convince Salman to bring Maya back, and Salman also offers to drop her back. But our stupid heroine refuses. Her phone is also off. 

And then there is a 180 degrees change. Ammar picks Fareeha, shows his concerns for her, then calls Maya and orders her to stay away from Fareeha.

“She isn’t alone. I am with her.” 

Bhai waah! 

Now, everyone has realized Maya is a selfish woman. 

Faiyaz and Zaibunnisa receive Maya and Salman. The confrontation is ugly and exhilarating. But, I like that Salman stands up for Maya despite everything that happened between them.

But, now, Zaibunnisa will also live with them. How on earth would Maya tolerate that? We must wait until next episode to find that out.

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Shabana Mukhtar

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