Qarar | Episode 10

Salman is furious, querying the maid about Maya, Maya who is out for shopping. He is suspicious. How would he react when he spots Ammar dropping Maya home? 

He manhandles her, that’s how. How does Maya react? 

I won’t stay here even for a moment. Like husband, like wife. 

I agree with Salman though. A spouse should always get an explanation, whether it is the man or wife. Maya could have simply explained why she came home with Ammar. 

Siraj brings half of coaching center’s salary. He deposited the other half and school’s salary in the bank so he could refund Fareeha’s mother’s jewellery. Nadira is upset about it. But little does she realize that it is just the beginning. Maya comes home and doesn’t want to go back; Salman doesn’t want her back; we know where it is headed. 

Ammar and Fareeha fight unnecessarily, even when Rana is around. He denies all allegations but Rana notices Maya’s missed call on Ammar’s phone. Fareeha gets more upset. Our obnoxious dude Ammar feels sorry for her, for a change. I think things will get a little better between them now.

Things change at Siraj abode as well. Siraj’s blood pressure shoots, Nadira blames it on Maya, and Maya is selfish as usual. Nadira surprises by saying: “I will drop you home myself. Siraj’s heath is more important than you.”

Bhai waah!

Maya is now blackmailing Fareeha to speak to Salman. This drama is so negative. It is not a good influence on me. I don’t want to watch it anymore.

Until next review, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar

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