Ghisi Piti Mohabbat | Episode 25 | Part 1 | ARY Digital

It is time to review episode 25 part 1 of Ghisi Piti Mohabbat. 

Uzair’s older sister Bee flirts with Anwar, openly asks him to marry her. Anwar walks out but he also tells Fareeda about it. It is important for older couples to rekindle their romance. I love how this drama subtly points at this point. Anwar’s character suddenly has become more involved and prominent and interesting. 

Now, with Uzair’s family’s background revealed, will Samia accept Uzair’s proposal? She does. 

What about that Ahad guy who wanted to tell her the truth about Uzair’s staged attack? And that manager who told her that she will get a raise soon. Samia quits again. I admire how strongly Samia dealt with all the lecherous men but it hurts me a little. 

Tashi’s business is going well and now Samia also wants to start her own business. She also wants to marry Uzair. Anwar brings up a fair point – why didn’t Uzair stop his family from this fraud business?

Samia is now preparing to open her own food cart. Good choice and I like the montage when she meets several people and buys stuff. Women likes shopping, whatever kind of shopping it is.

But she doesn’t know that Uzair has moved on to greener pastures now.


Shabana Mukhtar