Sabaat | Episode 1 | An Interesting & Loud Beginning

Please read about the cast and characters before you read the review.

Alright, let’s begin the review of first episode of Sabaat.

Plot Summary

The story is set in Islamabad. Let me review the two protagonist’s tracks separately.

Anaya Aziz Track

Anaya from a middle class. Her father is retiring after 35 years and she wants to cheer him up. So, she arranged a small party.

Look at that walk @19th minute – that walk of a retired and tired man.

I like the opening scene of this side. A bus and a car take left turn – Hassan alights from the car and Anaya gets down from the bus. Oh, class difference.

Mohammed Jehangir, some nationalist, declares the competition winner. This scene was so half-baked.

Firstly, Hassan’s friend loudly says that the chief guest is boring them and that he should simply announce the results. Jehangir listen this, I guess but does not react.

Secondly, at least competition ka naam hi announce kar dete. Much later in the episode, Anaya announces that she has won Engineering Model Competition. Pehle bolne ka na.

Thirdly, Hassan’s reaction on hearing the results. Anaya wins the competition and Hassan gets second position and he walks out. Nobody does anything about that. This does not happen IRL.

Later, he mocks her and her model project. Her positive attitude doesn’t go down well with her. After a face-off, he throws her model project and walks out. She chases him, shows him his true face and walks off. What a walk of pride it was!

And true to her words, his car breaks down. His friend has no phone, no cash because he relies on Hassan.

Does Hassan realize this?

No. He is a dumb head.

Meeral Fareed

Meeral’s parents are hyperventilatingabout house decor as she is scheduled to return from US. Her mother seems sensible who wants her to be ready for the world. Her father, on the other hand, wants her to get everything she wants as he himself has suffered enough failures.

Hassan, her younger brother, who says amen to her.

His fiancé, Ali, loves her and she treats him well, but she has her priorities straight. Her entire world does not revolve around Ali. I like that.

Her maid talks to her, and she simply gives a 10K hike to the maid. I wondered why a maid would talk directly to Meeral. Is Meeral so involved in household chores?

Her maternal grandmother loves Meeral too much and compares Meeral to herself but Meeral makes it a point to break her heart. I don’t know why she taunts her grandma so much.

The episode ends as Meeral is pondering over her grandmother’s words.


At one point, Meeral says:

You should look perfect. People are enslaved to good looking people.

I would say, nah, but sadly that is true for most of the time.

Sarah Khan has done well as a headstrong, rich brat.

Music – too freaking loud. Else it would have been a perfect first episode.

I will keep this on 5-episode radar. If it continues to be loud, I will skip this drama. I have enough noise in my real life.

Shabana Mukhtar

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